Is there a word for both photography and videography?


Is there a word to describe both photography and videography?

For decades the two were similar but also very different, mainly each needed their own separate cameras. But now there are mostly just cameras” that can capture both moving and still images.

Often they are intertwined, with single cameras being able to capture both, with the lines blurring of videos inside of photos (Live Photos) and photos inside of videos (taking frames from 4K) what can we call this hybrid form of capturing.

These words are more than just describing the act of creating the media: it’s all encompassing.

How do we describe the act of doing both at the same time? How do we describe things that are created, including GIFs, Boomerangs, Live Photos and other new combinations of the traditional formats?

If there’s a camera that best represents this new combined medium, it’s the iPhone.

I don’t like the word content, it’s too much of a buzzword. Capturing reminds me of Pokémon. Seeing is too broad. I like recording. But it has audio connotations.

There must be a new -ography” that can be used for both photo and videos.

I’m going to be thinking about this more and more as I’m working on Pocket Camera — let me know your thoughts in the comment below and on Twitter.

August 22, 2018