What I want in the new iPhone camera

We’re coming up on a new release of an iPhone on Tuesday. With every update, the camera gets better and better. There have been a ton of new iPhone rumors, but nothing about the new camera.

So what am I looking for in the new iPhones in terms of the camera. Since there have been so many leaks, my list of wants are tapered back a bit given what has been leaked (only two lenses). But here’s what I would like under the hood.

Bigger sensor

The image quality of the iPhone X is amazing, but things still fall apart as the amount of light decreases. A larger sensor would help in low light, and would increase the overall image quality. But there would need to be two larger sensors, with both the wide and telephoto lenses, so that might not be a realistic option. But an upgraded sensor would be great

Better portrait mode

Portrait mode was a huge addition to the iPhone 7 Plus with the release of iOS 10.1. Portrait mode is amazing how it emulates a low aperture and make images pop. It would be great (but unlikely for this release) to have a similar camera to the TrueDepth Camera set up as the front facing camera system used for FaceID. Portrait mode falls apart at times, especially when you are photographing something that is not a person. So any improvements in how it works would be welcome.

Portrait mode video

I would love to be able to record interviews with people in something that looks like Portrait Mode. That would require quite a bit of storage and computing power, but, dang, it would be a nice feature to have.

Better lens, high megapixels, etc

iPhone cameras have gotten better and better with each release. Any photographer would love to have a better lens, higher megapixels, etc.

What else?

Apple could announce something that’s not even on our radar on the next iPhone. The dual lenses are great — would a third one help out? An extreme telephoto lens? I’m looking forward to Apple’s event. Even if there’s not a major new announcement (on the scale of dual lenses), any upgrade should be welcome.

Should you upgrade? I’ll have an article when the new iPhone is released.

September 11, 2018