When do you share a photo? Great question on 40ish podcast


I had the pleasure to be on my friend Jason Valade’s podcast 40ish with a group of his lifelong friends earlier this week.

We talked about beer, the Kalamazoo Promise and, no surprise, mobile photography (hasn’t all photography been mobile?).

At the end of the episode, he asked all of us: when do you decide in a moment that you want to share a photo you just took?

It was an interesting question.

Something so unique about the camera on our smartphone is that it has built in internet and apps that allow us to publish as soon as we take a picture, or in the case of live videos, as we’re shooting.

For me, the bar is pretty low: if I see something that excites me or peaks my interest, I want to share it. Where I share it depends. There are so many options.

Usually, it goes on Instagram. I’m trying to post more to Micro.Blog. Occasionally Facebook. Need to get remember Twitter (I don’t really think of it as a photography platform).

But sometimes, as I mention on the episode, if I see something really beautiful and it makes me think of a friend or family member, I’ll send it to them, either first or exclusively.

And oftentimes, I forget to share (I often don’t like to post while walking or taking photos, like to do it after the fact). I go through the Camera Roll and see photos I forgot to share.

The bottom line: if it’s interesting to me, I think it will be interesting to other people and I share it out.

Check out the podcast — it’s a really good group of friends and it’s fun to talk — and in past episodes, listen — to them. Thanks guys!

September 7, 2018