Practice capturing moments over the holidays with friends and family

Moments are key to compelling photographs. While it may seem difficult at first to anticipate when they happen, the holidays are a great time to practice identifying and capturing moments.

Opening presents, preparing dinner, visiting friends and family, there are great moments everywhere. Think about your upcoming holiday plans and traditions: What would make a compelling photograph this season? What has happened in previous years that can inform this holiday? How will you position yourself and your camera to be there before the moment happens to capture it? What is the lighting like? Where will people look?

Once you think about all of these things and decide what kind of photographs you want to take, you will be able to focus on capturing them.

During the holidays you can also build confidence taking pictures of people. If you’re currently uncomfortable getting close to another person with a camera, taking pictures of your friends and family is the best way to practice.

Of course, you’re family and friends might think: what are they doing right now? but don’t fear, the photos you capture will be meaningful and important to both you and them for years to come.

December 23, 2019