Apple-approved flashes coming to iPhone 11 and 11 Pro

Interesting news the other week: Apple released technical specs for flash assessories that work directly with the iPhone.

I’ve never been a big fan of using the flash and rarely use it on my iPhone. However, having a flash that can be positioned or bounced is really promising, especially for portraits and product photography.

A major downside of the built-in iPhone flash is that it’s fixed to the phone (obviously). With it’s position next to the lens makes it nearly impossible to bounce the flash.

While Anker has a flash that will ship next month, I’m excited to see what devices are released. It appears the flash will connect to the phone via the Lightning cable. Will there be flashes that then link to other strobes, making a wireless network? Do the strobes use the same technology as Apple’s built in flash?

First the camera button on the Smart Battery case and now this? An great end to 2019 for iPhone photography accessories.

December 28, 2019