New Shortcuts with the Camera in iOS 13

iOS 13 offers a whole bunch of new features, but some of my favorite additions are in the Shortcuts app.

Note: I am currently using the developer beta on a secondary device for testing purposes — do not install on your main device or wait for the public beta this July.

Shortcuts has a whole new feature called Automation which allows you to trigger actions when certain conditions are met, including time of day, location and when you do certain things on your device.

In my iOS 13 camera wishlist article, I wanted Apple to implement a feature that can turn on Do Not Disturb or turn off Night Shift mode when you open the camera. Now you can with Automation inside Shortcuts.

It’s simple to do — create a new Automation. Set the trigger to opening the camera and the result as enabling Do Not Disturb or Airplane mode (these system settings are under the Scripting heading).

You could also change default apps when you open them from the lock screen — so when you press the camera icon it could open up a third party app like Halide.

There are other photography-related shortcuts I’m putting together for iOS 12, but this is the most useful one. I’d love to see a feature to select an image and apply the same edits to a series of images, much like what Lightroom offers.

June 18, 2019