Why we need more apps like Clear

It’s simple: the user interface.

The great thing about this new app is that there are no buttons, menu bars or other navigation tools that are common on iPhone and Mac apps. Everything in clear is controlled through gestures. I’ve been using it for the past couple days and love the simplicity of the app. It allows for an experience not often found on iOS software: one that feels like it is meant for an iOS. There are no legacy controls on this app, which is a refreshing experience.

And everything you do takes up the whole screen. The sounds and vibrations are rewarding, as well are the colors.

I would love to have an RSS feed reader like this, and someday mail and calculator. Hopefully iOS 7 under Jony Ive will look much like this, as seen in this fan mockup.

While I use OmniFocus for most of my task management, I’ll take a note from the Brooks Review and use it as a shopping list and other lists that are not time sensitive.

Give it a try: for iOS and OSX.


November 11, 2012