Such a badass move, Prince Fielder

Walk up music: a little bit of a baseball game where the batter gets in the mode to swing and the fans lean a little bit about the player. On Sunday, Prince Fielder went up to bat to Rex Tremendae from Mozart’s Requiem.

My friend and I were stunned: what is Prince doing?

It was the perfect mixture hearing a chorus singing at Comerica Park, the stark contrast of musical styles and a rainy Sunday night.

Or maybe it was because the choir sing Prince” alongside sweeping strings. It was like a scene from a movie trailer when the super hero steps up to deliver a strong blow against an enemy.

Listen to yourself.

I don’t know if there has been another major league player who has walked up to classical music, and it doesn’t really matter, Prince pulled it off. Each time it played, it caught the crowd by surprise.

Today, I couldn’t stop listening to this section from Mozart’s Requiem. I enjoy classical music (haven’t gotten so much into Mozart)

Such a bad ass move, Fielder. You have me reconsidering my ringtone.

April 30, 2013