My epic snow fail, and the obvious parking brake

Here in Michigan, we are having some epic cold and snow: 14 inches and the wind-chill is getting below 30 degrees. Yesterday was an epic day of covering the storm for work. I was getting ready for work and knew it would be a very long day. I spent a good 30 minutes packing everything that I would need: cameras, Go Pros, food.

When I got to my car, it was fully covered in snow. I set up a video camera to make a time lapse of it. After spending 15 minutes clearing off the car it was all ready to go.

I got the car, started to back up and it wouldn’t move. I drive a Toyota Prius, so I thought it could be some of the snow that had accumulated (a little bit of snow goes a long way with a Prius, right?)

I grabbed a shovel out of my trunk and started shoveling every bit of snow away. I got back in the car and tried to back up again: no movement.

I started shoveling and scraping every bit of snow. Laying on my belly, I swepped out snow from under the car. Could the tires be frozen?

Still, it wouldn’t move. It was very frustrating. The isnide of my car was a snowglobe.

And then I really look at the council check the time and long behold the parking brake was on. Unhatched the brake and the car backed up so smothly.

Sometimes, you just have to sit back, relax and let your surroundings register.


January 7, 2014