My original GoPro dog mount

Ethel May with a GoPro on her collar

I’ve been using GoPros for the past four years and each time it gives a new perspective. It’s great, too, to see

You see something and say — Put a GoPro on it.”

There were not a huge variety of mounts back then, so we had to be creative where we put them. I love all the new accessories that have been coming out.

A couple months ago, GoPro released a mount for dogs. It’s a really awesome idea: see the world from a pup’s perspective.

I rigged something three years ago for my parents’ dog Ethel May. I used it for a few games of fetch but was really interested to see her viewpoint when we took her to meet the new two new puppies, Sadie and Millie.

I strapped it to her collar and had it under her snout. My sister thought it was funny but the video turned out great.

Here’s the video:

Taking two old dogs to see two puppies from Fritz Klug on Vimeo.

December 21, 2014