I haven’t posted here in several months and there’s some news: I’m no longer with MLive, but work for Bell’s Brewery in my hometown Kalamazoo. I’ve always loved Bell’s, and as one of the largest craft breweries in the US, I had a hard time saying no to the prospect. I’m working in marketing, taking photos and videos for the social media accounts. It’s been a thrill to be able to do creative work daily and share it without the deadlines and goals and stress (more about that to come).

So what does that mean? I’m writing less daily, and I hope to focus here. I’ve always wanted to write frequently, but when I spent most of my day in Movable Type, it was hard to get excited to come back and write here. ((In fact, it was a little sad seeing how much better Wordpress is than MT, but no need to get into that.))

I have a long list of topics and links I’ve wanted to post and share, but haven’t had the time to do it.

What about the name? I thought long about changing it, but am sticking with MC. While no longer reporting, I still believe in the institution and my work in both Classics and journalism has informed who I am today.

Also, the design of the site is now very minimal ((it’s a base Wordpress theme)). I wanted somewhat of a new start, but fuck that, it’s the writing that matters, for now.

November 29, 2015