The new YNAB

YNAB is the budget app unlike no others: the only one I’ve found that really embraces the envalope system and helps make living wihtin a budget easier and more personal. They also offered great training When version 5 was announced I was super excited. And when I read about features, such as goals, I was sold.

But there’s one thing about it that I hate for everything: 

It’s a web app.

I hate doing important work through a web browser. Forget about security, it’s a focus thing. Thinks are more cluttered in  a web browser, and it’s easier to shift focus into somethign else. Hootsuite never stuck becasue of this. When I used a CMS daily, I hated it too. I’ve used Fluid, which helps, but nothing like a standalone application make for the operating system.

Alsdom I would rather keep my data on Dropbox, which has two factor authentication, instead of a new web service. I have no reason to doubt YNAB will deliver, but the first 24 hours was brutual on the servers, so it makes me a little worried about other bugs and holes that may exist. Also, turning it from a one time fee to an annual or montly charge is a little crazy, I don’t see what paying montly will offfer and defeats the purpose of saving money. 

I’m going to give it a try to see how the new version of the app goes, but am pretty skeptical. Let’s hope it can wow me just like the first version of the app did.

January 2, 2016