My digital diary

This is something new I’m trying. I haven’t found a real good place for my personal writings and thoughts. Articles I’ve published on the front of the site are more on a single topic on something I’ve reaserched or discovered. I would journal occasionally in Day One, but barely shared those thoughts. I’ve frankly given up on Day One since 2.0 was dropped and you have to use their syncing server without encryption. So what’s in the middle of just writing for myself and keeping the format of the site (with few articles, but good ones)? Start a side diary. The idea really came to fruition this weekend when I saw Adrian Belew one night and then Patti Smith the next night. I realized I didn’t remember some details of previous concerts I attended. For these, I wanted to record and share my thoughts, for myself mainly and anyone who might stumble upon it (isn’t that why most people write anyways at all?)

So here it is. My digital and public diary.


March 13, 2017