Wilco in Kalamazoo

New rule: every chance you can see Wilco play, take it. They played more than two dozen songs without skipping a beat, moving all around the spectrum of what rock music can be. They take the audience on a sonic journey, really, through folk and rock songs.

The stage was outstanding. The band played in what appears to be a forest clearing, with a hilly landscape behind them. The colors and mood changed from song to song and sometimes verse to verse. Traveled through day and night, fall and summer. The night would appear, stars and that darkness at night that is never fully dark because you have the illumination of the moon.

The thing that struck me the most, as it did last time they played here, was how many people came from out of town. Walking home it felt like for a bit like living in a bigger city. At least being able to see such an amazing band on a Tuesday night and be in bed before 11:30.


March 14, 2017