My Twin Peaks Season 3 predictions

So I’m not one for publishing my theories, but it’s so extraordinary that new Twin Peaks will air tonight I thought I’d share some of my thoughts for posterity. I haven’t read or listened to any theory or predictions. They are a little ridiculous are are informed just by my imagination, but hey, anything could happen in a Lynch program. Here we go:

  • The first we see of Cooper, errrr Cooper’s doppelgänger, will be when he is released from prison for killing Annie.
  • Good Cooper is in the Red room for the past 25 years and escapes.
  • Or, some major battle will have happened in the past 25 years that we only hear about.
  • If Annie is alive, Laura Dern could be playing her.
  • Michael Cera is the son of Andy and Lucy.
  • Andy is the new Sheriff in town.
  • Donna died of natural causes or a tragedy like a car crash.
  • Ed and Norma are not back together.
  • Jim Belushi plays a cop.
  • Bobby is doing something good for society and is married to Shelly
  • Something happened to Harry S. Truman, like Donna, natural causes or a common tragedy.
  • Ben Horne ran unsuccessfully for Senate and is still on his quest for good in the world.
  • James has a million of stories to tell us.

We’ll see in seven hours! Can’t wait!

May 21, 2017