This week


This is something new I’m trying… a weekly post of the different things I’ve read and done. The above photo was from the War on Drugs concert I attended on Thursday night.

Quote of the week

The Information Age is being hacked from the ground up. The future will be a pretty interesting place but I’m interested if anyone will trust computers by the time we get there.

Gabe Weatherhead in MacDrifter: Wi-Fi Security Has Been Breached

What I read

Turn off your phone notifications. All of them. - Nathan Bransford

I like this idea a lot, but my concern with it and a lot of other articles I’ve read about cutting down and distractions is that what if everyone does it? How would we ever be able to call in another? I guess it all adds up and realize that email and messages to do that. I know I will add all of my bosses and people who are above me to my favorites list so I can get through do not disturb

Amateurs vs. Pros — CJ Chilvers

We should all love what we do. A fine balance as described here.

Inmates in Texas Pulled Together $54K of Their Own Money to Help Hurricane Victims

This truly amazing. We are all human.

Microsoft Outlook for Mac Undergoing Major Redesign — MacStories

I’d give it a try. Just as long as it doesn’t have that incredibly cluddered menu bar that so many Office applications have.

Apple Watch credited with helping detect lung blood clot that otherwise would have been fatal’ | 9to5Mac

Reinstalled HeartWatch after reading this.

Take Craft Back: Craft Beer Community Wants to Buy AB InBev

Brewers Association Targets A-B InBev in New Media Offensive |

This is so awesome. As someone in Craft Beer, its great to see an active campaign like this.


October 24, 2017