King Crimson in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor was the fifth King Crimson concert I’ve attended this year, and it left me as excited as the first time that I saw them. It’s been amazing to see their songs progress even just from Washington DC a few weeks ago. Level 5, Easy Money and 21st Century were standouts of the night. Level 5 felt like it has risen several levels since I last saw it, wow. There was a new dual guitar duet between Fripp and Jacko on 21st Century, with Levin joining in.

Mel Collins also had a special night, his parts had a particular flair. It seemed that his solo during LTIA 1 was 5 minutes long, stunning! It was great to hear LTIA II as well.

The sound in the auditorium wasn’t the best, the audience, at least where we were sitting was annoying, but leaving the show I was still in awe as I was after Minneapolis. Even after four performances, we had heard the songs like never before. Excited for Cleveland tonight; 1.5 miles from my parents house!

November 24, 2017