All the benefits of a chain wallet and a carabiner: My new Tom Bihn wallet and key set up


I have a new wallet set up that I am very happy about. The problem I’ve had over the years with my wallet and keys is misplacing them. I’ve elieviated this, in part, by having a bowl near my door where they go whenever I get home. But there were still issues of them falling out of my pocket or forgetting to put them there. Are they in my pant pockets from yesterday?In my coat? Where are they?

I usually only want to carry two to three cards and some cash. I’ve used slim wallets, and they’re great, but they are often so thin I can easily walk about the door without it. For keys, I just throw them in my pocket but am always a little paranoid I will lose them. So I used a large carabiner that was uncomfortable, but I would notice if they weren’t there.

The best solution would be a chain wallet and hook the carabiner to my belt loop. Yeah, neither of those will work for me, stylistically or practically. It would be too much hardware.

I wrote down what I needed:

  • A slim wallet to hold a few cards and the occasional cash
  • A way for the wallet to never fall out of my pocket
  • A way to keep my keys on my body so I don’t loose them either
  • Something that is lightweight, not utilitarian, out of sight and simple to use.

I browsed several stores that sold slim wallets and unique key chains but nothing checked all the boxes. I dreamed of one system for both. So I went to the Tom Bihn website on a whim to see what they offered. This Seattle-based company makes really good bags and travel gear which lasts a lifetime. I’ve had my Smart Alec backpack for more than five years and have loved using it every single day. They had a few nice wallets, but nothing to the system that I wanted.

I searched the forums and found a few posts of what others did, and this one stuck out.

Instead of using it just for the wallet, I attached my keys to it as well.

So here’s the setup:

  • Handle Loop with an o-ring (the loop goes around my belt).
  • Pocket Pouch to hold cards and cash, connected to the Handle Loop o-ring
  • 16-inch key strap, with snap hooks on each end, connected to the handle loop on one end and my keys on the other end.

It’s thin, lightweight, and will always be on me. The longer strap for my keys makes using them simple no matter the situation.

I’ve been using a similar set up for about two weeks using other Tom Bihn gear I already had and this current configuration for about a month. I absolutely love it. I’ll update if I change it, but I don’t that’s going to happen. All this for $18, what more could you ask for?

November 30, 2017