Not settling on Prime Day

I wrote this last year on the night of Prime Day. I decided to hold off on publishing it until this year’s sale. Every Amazon Prime Day I become excited at the thought of saving money on items I have been on my list for a while.

For example: I’ve wanted a Sous Vide for a while, and there’s a pretty good deal on the Bluetooth model. But I know I want the wifi one, so I can start cooking when I’m at work or out for the day.

Now, is it worth an extra $100? Probably not. But it’s a feature I’d use frequently. So I’m holding off.

Same for the Kindles. They are on sale, but I want to get the one with 3G (always have had Kindles with this, makes downloading and syncing content on the go easier). But they are not on sale.

As I am working to limit the number of items I have, I really don’t see a reason to settle on what I buy. I’m going to spend a little money on what I really want and will use.

The Amazon Prime Day sales are tempting, but the savings are not worth settling for something that’s not exactly what I want.

July 16, 2018