Website redesign, hosting changes and new name

I recently began a process of moving all of my websites over to Squarespace. For years, I’ve hosted on Wordpress and really enjoyed it, but as I’ve become more and more busy with work and other things in life, I’ve had less time to focus on the websites.

Much of the time, I found, was playing webmaster.

It’s something I enjoy, but realize more time was spent managing the site than actually writing. So I looked around and Squarespace made sense. Yes, it costs a more than what I was paying before, but the simplicity is worth it (right now).

Also, you’ll see a new name. This blog has been called several names over the years, Muckraking Classicist (a scholar turned journalist), (it’s just me).

Now, it’s Receive and Transmit.

The name comes from an end refrain of the Peter Gabriel song Signal to Noise” from his album UP.” This has been one of my favorite songs since it was released in 2001, but the title came to me this weekend. I was driving to Lansing over the weekend to visit friends and conditions were poor. Roads were icy, traffic was backed up and cars had driven off the road.

The song, particularly the live version I had never heard, hit a deeper chord as I was driving through the night. The song, to me, is about cutting through the noise to deliver a clear message. That is what this blog as always been about. A place to share my writing.

More and more, we need to wipe out the noise.” We need to receive and transmit. Looking forward to continuing that here.

Below is an early version of the song. Check the liver version I listened to on Apple Music.

February 12, 2019