​iOS Feature Request: Back up missing or stolen device in Lost Mode

As someone who takes a lot of pictures with his iPhone, I love the ease of iCloud Photo Library backing up all my images and video. I don’t really have to consider it anymore.

At a concert last night, I had taken several photos and videos, and thought: everything is backed up to iCloud besides the photos I’ve taken tonight. I’m on a cellular connection. What if my iPhone is lost or stolen? I can get a new device and everything will be as it was, except my most recent

What if there was a feature to back up the most recent information when an iPhone is missing? There should be a way to force backup your device if it goes missing.

It would work in the Find My iPhone app. When you put your device in lost mode, you could trigger something to do an immediate backup over the cellular network. You would have to initiate it, in case you didn’t want to do it. This could drain a lot of data, and if you’re on a smaller plan could wipe it out, but I would love to have those photos and videos even if it meant paying my cellular company more money they month.

I’m sure there would be pitfalls — if the device has a poor connection or is low on battery. But to have the option to retrieve that data would be amazing.

Journal Tech

May 20, 2019