Playlist: An Introduction to King Crimson; The Love Letters

King Crimson recently released their studio albums on streaming services — following a release of some of their live albums late last year. I always respected Robert Fripp’s decision to not make the catalog available, but it’s a good thing that this great music will be available to more people.

I made a introductory playlist to King Crimson on Apple Music.

Fripp has described Crimson as a live band. Performances are hot dates” while the studio albums are love letters” — hence the name of the playlist.

Studio and live are two worlds. Would you, the audience, prefer to have a love letter or a hot date? Each have their value. Crimson were always a band for a hot date. From time to time they could write a love letter, too, but for me they were better in the clinches.

I am working on a Hot Date” playlist from the music available on the streaming services, but that might take some time to put together.

I set a constraint on my playlist that only one song from each album could be used. This provides, I think, a great overview of the breath and depth of the band. Enjoy.


May 26, 2019