Closed Kalamazoo: Week 2.5

A wonderful, sunny day. Took two long walks through downtown. In the morning saw some daffodils that had bloomed in Bronson Park — in the evening the sun was full on them. Some things aren’t on hold.

Lots of people were out enjoying the weather — smiling, something recently as rare as the sun.

In fact, there was almost too many people out to be comfortable in our new world of social distancing. A dozen people at East Campus suddenly felt like being stuck in the middle of a Tokyo crowd.

But overall, all the problems felt like they disappeared temporally, nothing like those recent cold nights on the same streets by myself. But in fact things have actually gotten worse. But for an hour, the world felt alive again, vibrant and good. There were several reminders of the virus, but the sun overpowered them, temporarily.

Later tonight, I had a 25 minute conversation with my friend Sarah as she was walking by. At the end, we both realized this was the longest time either of us had talked to another person face to face (6 feet apart) in weeks.

Overall, today felt like a cease fire during a war. Things will only get worse, but April 2 was a great reminder of what we hope to see on the other side.

April 3, 2020