A walk on Easter

Not much to say today: so much continues to change, but so much continues to stay the same. Focusing on the earthly signs of rebirth that are all around us… They come each year at this season and are a reminder that growth and beauty continues, unconcerned with our current troubles.

Like Easter, my favorite and most important holiday for Christians. Today is the day where, very broadly, we recognize Christ’s triumph over death and how we all can be reunited with the infinite.

Yesterday, I noticed a flower near my door that was close to blossom. Today, it was in full bloom. Although I had anticipated this happening, it filled me with more delight than I could imagine.

I went for a walk enjoying the sprouting beauty all around and our Easter celebration. But when I returned, the flower was gone, torn from its stem and laying at the trunk of a different tree. Maybe it was a cruel passerby, one of the squirrels that frolic around the yard or a bunny that often appears out of nowhere.

The flower is gone, so quickly after it appeared, and the others will follow, but its memory and what it represents continues. I know this is incredibly small in comparison to everything that is happening in the world, for sure, but sometimes these tiny things can be the most easy to grapple with, especially during such difficult times.

April 12, 2020